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This place is full of culture

“This place is full of culture” applies to anywhere there is life. Culture is the human experience. Culture is the experience of the natural world and the animals in it. Culture can be old or new, somber or silly, surrounds us and lives within us at the same time.
“This place is full of culture” is a phrase some people use to say something is ancient, different, or exotic. But they’re not the same thing. It implies that culture is something tangible, rather than the product of our evolution as groups of people around the world.
Culture is not what something is now, it is the story of how it came to be.

Where Leonard Nimoy’s Vulcan salute came from

gravestone Chisinau Jewish cemetery
This is a photo from Chisinau, Moldova’s Jewish Cemetery, the largest in Europe. But you may be noticing something familiar about the hand gestures on this tombstone – especially if you’re a Star Trek fan. Yes, this is the famous Vulcan salute, created by Leonard Nimoy during the show’s second season.
It was a gesture he made spontaneously but has described its origin from his childhood. Nimoy, whose parents were Jewish immigrants from Ukraine, took him to services at a local synagogue in Boston. He recalled as a child being told not to look at the kohen (priests) during one particular part of prayers each service – but of course his curious Vulcan mind took a peek.

This gesture of the two hands is what he saw and it’s the inspiration for the now famous Vulcan salute.
So to you my friends and fellow travelers, live long and prosper. To which the appropriately Vulcan response is, peace and long life.

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